We offer services for the complete repair and reverse engineering of all types of valves for Onshore and Offshore. We certify valves with compliance to OEM Standards from full pickup and delivery of pressure relief valves, manual gate valves, check valves, control valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and conventional mechanical line valves.


  • Complete Shop Valve Overhaul and Repair Services:
  • -Process Application, Onshore and Offshore
  • Full Pickup and Delivery Service for Shop Repair BOP
  • Full Pickup and Delivery Service for Shop Repair Valves
  • Specialist Refurbishment Program for:
  • -Cameron Valves and Chokes
  • -Pressure Relief Valves
  • -Control Valves
  • -Certification and Compliance with ISO 9001 & API Q1
  • -Fully Equipped Workshop for Onshore/ Offshore Applications
  • -Machining, Welding and Heat Treatment [Shop]
  • -Shop Machining of R/F and Ring Grooves on Valves and Pipeline


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