Company Brochure


We provide BOP repair, services and on-site support which make a positive difference to our customers every day. The difference begins with our people, our field engineers and technicians bring their collective expertise to the services we provide. Sigma Engineering Works has the capacity to certify BOP’s and drilling equipment as per the latest API requirements. It’s not only what our people know that makes a difference, but how deeply our management and our people engage as partners to your success. Our people can assess needs, provide training, and work on-site to ensure your team is getting the most from our service provision.

Our workshop trained technicians ensure that every job follows our strict procedures. OEM parts are maintained with a Certificate of Conformance which is proof of traceability to international standards. Our quality system for products and services is ISO 9001:2015, API Q1 and API Q2 registered and accredited.


  • Complete Shop BOP Overhaul and Repair Services [Onshore and Offshore]
  • Full Pickup and Delivery Service for Shop Repair BOP
  • Specialist Refurbishment Program for:
  • -Cameron BOP’s different sizes
  • -Certification and Compliance with ISO 9001 & API Q1
  • -Fully Equipped Workshop for Onshore/ Offshore Applications
  • -Procurement of Spares and Parts If Required
  • -Machining, Welding and Heat Treatment (Shop)
  • -Shop Machining of R/F and Ring Grooves on BOP